X — May 21, 2015


Kissing you is the best thing I can do when I really want to know the truth. Lips never lie and through yours I can tell whether your happy, sad or horny as hell. When I feel your warm tongue invade my mouth and dance with mine I know, I feel the passion take over and realise it’s time for us to go. Go back to the place that takes us over and we have no control. No control of our feelings, emotions or how we start to see things. We become one and everything else becomes numb because all we see is… Us. 

We are each others beautiful distraction, we are our cures, we fix each other when another’s soul feels sore. We are the future, let’s forget the past and lets just believe that we can last. I believe in you so try believing in me, our love is forever baby.. We are eternity.  


One night.. — May 17, 2015

One night..

Making love under the stars of a summers night. 

Cool breeze, strong arms and wet lips, best combination.

Deserted area, no sounds heard apart from our moans.

Still wanting to travel but our destination is ecstasy.

Bad girl — May 16, 2015

Bad girl

She’s ready and waiting
Yearning for your touch
Ache in her stomach 
Ready to get f****d
Knock at her door 
She hopes your ready for what’s in store
The sight of you makes her bite her lip
Tip toes up to you to get a quick kiss
Turns around and walks towards the bedroom
No need to procrastinate 
A few days ago they had their date
She was a good girl but now she knew that she could be a little bad for you..


Mysterious temptation #6 from the gorgeous Miss. purple  — May 15, 2015
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Hi all —

Hi all

My previous post was only 12 words long and it’s a challenge to story writers and poets. Someone set me the challenge and it’s amazing how your mind works to produce a small piece of good art. 

Any who, the point to this post is I want to set all my followers the same challenge. The rules are:

  1. 12 words only
  2. Specific topic: mysterious temptation 
  3. Upload it or even tag me in it. 

If you don’t want it up on your blog email it to me and I will post it anonymously. Get the brain working and let your talent shine. 

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Mysterious temptation  — May 14, 2015